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The Colorado River Conservancy was organized in 2020 by a group of East Austin environmental stewards, community activists and neighborhood groups to advocate for the protection, preservation and restoration of the Lower Colorado River between Longhorn Dam and the Travis County Line. The Conservancy is a project of PODER, the East Austin-based nonprofit that has for decades fought for the river through its work combatting industrial land uses along and near the river, as well as partnered with city, county, and community leaders and institutions on parklands acquisition, development and restoration, and community environmental advocacy in the face of gentrification. The Colorado River Conservancy aims to assemble a diverse and inclusive array of stakeholders who share the common community goal of protecting the natural character of the Colorado River through the 21st century and beyond, in the face of increasing development pressure. 

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Our logo was designed by Mike Garza, for more of his work go to

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